My name is Marek Pierścieniak.

I’ve started just to share my ideas and projects done by me in my spare time. There’s nothing worse than “hiding” personal knowledge, which easily can be reused or act as an inspiration to anyone else!

It’s no surprise that the blog name indicates what this blog will be about. At least, I hoped so when I was choosing the name for the web domain. Most cases will be related to data and automation. Specifically, they will be focused on utility applications, data analysis, Robotics Process Automation and cool stuff done in Visual Basics for Applications.

I aim to provide detailed descriptions, source codes, and compiled fully working solutions if possible. By that detailed explanations, I mean code samples by the posts, repository references, and links to compiled solutions stored on

In case anyone is willing to discuss or contact me directly, I’m happy to help
(the easiest way of communicating directly with me is via LinkedIn profile).